Business trends by region

Sales by Market
Graphic: Sales by Market
Sales by Market
  2012 2013 Change
  € million % € million % %
EMEA (excluding Germany) 2,526 27.8 2,404 29.0 (4.8)
Germany 1,577 17.3 1,458 17.6 (7.5)
North America 1,611 17.7 1,332 16.0 (17.3)
Latin America 1,185 13.0 966 11.6 (18.5)
Asia-Pacific 2,195 24.2 2,140 25.8 (2.5)
  9,094 100.0 8,300 100.0 (8.7)

EMEA (excluding Germany)

Sales in the EMEA region (excluding Germany) receded by €122 million, or 4.8%, to €2,404 million in 2013. Adjusted for slight portfolio effects, sales decreased by 4.6%. Sales of the Advanced Intermediates segment were slightly above the prior-year level. Our Performance Polymers and Performance Chemicals segments, by contrast, posted sales declines in the high- and low-single-digit percentage range. Especially in Western Europe – above all in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain – sales decreased by mostly low-double-digit percentages compared to the previous year. However, sales were bolstered by positive growth in demand in other countries such as Italy and Turkey. Business also trended positively in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Portugal.

The EMEA region (excluding Germany) accounted for 29.0% of Group sales, up 1.2 percentage points on the prior-year level.


In Germany, our sales came to €1,458 million in 2013, down €119 million, or 7.5%, on the previous year. Whereas Performance Chemicals and Performance Polymers saw business contract by single- to double-digit percentages, our Advanced Intermediates segment posted sales close to the prior-year level.

Germany’s share of Group sales rose slightly from 17.3% to 17.6%.

North America

Sales in this region came to €1,332 million, down €279 million or 17.3% from the previous year. Adjusted for negative currency effects and slight portfolio effects, sales were down by 14.8%. This decrease was due mainly to the development of business in the Performance Polymers segment, which posted a sales decline well into the double-digit percentage range. The positive performance of the Advanced Intermediates segment and the largely unchanged sales of the Performance Chemicals segment could not offset this decrease.

At 16.0%, North America’s share of Group sales was 1.7 percentage points lower than in the prior year.

Latin America

Sales in Latin America receded by €219 million, or 18.5%, to €966 million in the reporting period. After adjusting for negative currency effects, sales declined by 14.6%. This trend resulted from tangibly weaker business performance in the Performance Polymers and Advanced Intermediates segments, which saw sales declines in the double-digit percentage range. By contrast, the Performance Chemicals segment posted sales just above the prior-year level. Brazil was the main driver of development in the region.

Latin America’s share of Group sales dropped from 13.0% to 11.6%.


Sales in the Asia-Pacific region dipped slightly by €55 million, or 2.5%, to €2,140 million in 2013. After adjustment for currency effects and portfolio effects resulting from the 2012 acquisition of Bond-Laminates GmbH and the purchase in 2013 of PCTS Specialty Chemicals Pte. Ltd., Singapore, sales grew by 1.0%. Our Performance Polymers and Performance Chemicals segments achieved operational growth in the low- to mid-single-digit range, while sales in the Advanced Intermediates segment declined by a low-single-digit percentage. We posted a pleasing development of business in China and Singapore, but saw tangible decreases especially in Japan and also in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Asia-Pacific’s share of Group sales increased year on year, from 24.2% to 25.8%. Thus, it expanded its position as the second-strongest region behind EMEA (excluding Germany) in terms of sales.