(29) Earnings and dividend per share

The calculation of earnings per share for 2013 was based on the weighted average number of shares outstanding (83,202,670 shares) and only included earnings from continuing operations. Adjustments occasioned by applying the revised version of IAS 19 are explained in the section headed “Financial reporting standards and interpretations applied.” Since there are currently no equity instruments in issue that could dilute earnings per share, basic and diluted earnings per share are identical. Further information on equity instruments that could dilute earnings per share in the future is contained in Note [12].

Earnings per Share
  2012 2013 Change %
Net income (loss) (€ million) 508 (159) < (100)
Number of outstanding shares 83,202,670 83,202,670 0.0
Earnings per share (undiluted/diluted) (€) 6.11 (1.91) < (100)
2012 figures restated

LANXESS AG reported a distributable profit of €48 million for fiscal 2013 (2012: €96 million). The dividend payment made to stockholders of LANXESS AG during fiscal 2013 amounted to €1.00 per share (2012: €0.85 per share).