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Annual Report 2013 (4 MB)

The Group (1.5 MB)


Letter to Stockholders






Corporate Responsibility


Combined Management Report (1.5 MB)




Economic report


Compensation report


Report pursuant to Section 289, Paragraph 4 and Section 315, Paragraph 4 of the German Commercial Code


Report pursuant to Section 289a of the German Commercial Code


Events after the reporting period


Report on risks and opportunities


Corporate Governance (0.2 MB)


Implementation of the German Corporate Governance Code


Other key principles of the management practices


Composition and work of the Board of Management and of the Supervisory Board


Stockholders and stockholders' meetings


Compensation report


Risk management


Liability insurance


Reportable securities transactions


Accounting and auditing


Corporate governance statement


Offices held by Board of Management members


LANXESS AG Supervisory Board


Consolidated Financial Statements (0.1 MB)


Statement of Financial Position


Income Statement


Statement of Comprehensive Income


Statement of Changes in Equity


Statement of Cash Flows


Notes (0.4 MB)


General information


Structure and components of the consolidated financial statements


Financial reporting standards and interpretations applied


Financial reporting standards and interpretations


Presentation changes and restatement of prior-year figures




Currency translation


Accounting policies and valuation principles


Estimation uncertainties and exercise of discretion


Companies consolidated


Notes to the Statement of Financial Position


Notes to the Income Statement


Other Information


Responsibility Statement


Auditor’s Report