Innovative and Stringently Applied HR Strategies Support our Sustainable Growth
Innovative and Stringently Applied HR Strategies Support our Sustainable Growth

Our entrepreneurial success is fundamentally based on the performance, implementation skills and commitment of our employees. Only through their ongoing training and development – especially with regard to change and innovation – can we safeguard our ability to pursue our corporate goals and further enhance LANXESS’s competitiveness in the long term, even in a challenging business environment.

Our HR strategy remains focused on four central areas of activity, within which we have developed and implemented a range of innovative tools.

In addition, we continued the strategic development of the HR function during 2013. We have established a global HR Excellence Program with the aim of identifying internal and external drivers of change for which we can then define strategically coherent responses for global application throughout the organization. The areas of activity include quality management, leadership and dialogue, diversity and inclusion, organizational consulting and change management.

By actively promoting social responsibility, providing attractive jobs in an international environment, offering performance-based market-rate compensation and promoting a culture that inspires diversity, leadership and openness to change, we give our employees access to remarkable career development opportunities, also outside their home countries.

In fiscal 2013, several national and international awards underscored the success of this strategy. For the first time, we took top place in the annual sentiment survey conducted by the VAA (Association of Academic and Managerial Employees in the German Chemical Industry). The jury’s decision was based on a poll of 6,000 managerial employees in 25 chemical and pharmaceutical companies, canvassing their views on a range of HR and cultural issues. In China, the CRF Institute named us China’s Top Employer for the third time, after honoring us in 2009 and 2011. We were judged as outstanding in the human resources, leadership and strategy categories.

Building on the employee survey we carried out in 2012, we held a number of employee information events throughout our organization in China and implemented a range of additional measures aimed at strengthening our employees’ already high level of commitment. In Brazil, we again collaborated with Great Place to Work to conduct an employee satisfaction survey. Among those questioned, 71% agreed that LANXESS is a very good employer.

A broad range of individual social commitment activities and various fundraising campaigns are evidence of our employees’ strong drive to complement LANXESS’s corporate responsibility programs and serve the communities they live in. Detailed information can be found in the “Society” section.

The challenging business environment was also reflected in our global headcount in 2013. The increase in our workforce, in part as a result of 2012 planning and primarily to meet the needs of growth and investment projects, slowed in the second half of the year. Toward the end of the year, headcount felt the effects of the extensive efficiency-enhancing and restructuring measures that comprise our Advance program, which is intended to cut around 1,000 jobs worldwide.

New Employees by Age Group, Gender and Region
(excluding Germany)
Germany North America Latin America Asia-Pacific
Age group Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male
< 20               3    
20 – 29 14 30 19 80 13 32 30 56 48 178
30 – 39 22 42 20 52 5 31 14 30 34 108
40 – 49 9 27 7 27 4 24 3 13 16 32
50 – 59 2 12 4 10 7 15   4 4 9
≥ 60 1       2 4        
Total 48 111 50 169 31 106 47 106 102 327