Uniform standards in production

Across the globe, LANXESS operates at 50 production sites in which holds more than 50% (as of December 31, 2013). The diversity of the company’s product portfolio necessitates the use of many different chemical and technical processes. Uniform standards for planning, engineering and operating facilities are applied to ensure a high level of process, plant and occupational safety. Handling chemical substances and working with technical equipment fundamentally involve health and safety risks. We systematically identify these risks and the hazard potential and minimize these by taking them into account when planning facilities and by defining and implementing the necessary preventive and protective measures. To help us achieve this, we have established LANXESS-specific guidelines within the context of our global management system. These govern our procedures for all safety-critical processes in our production facilities and cover aspects such as the definition and implementation of technical and organizational protective measures and the environmentally friendly handling of raw materials and waste.

Experts conduct targeted spot checks as part of on-site audits to assess implementation of the relevant LANXESS guidelines and local regulations for safe plant operation. At each facility, compliance with the safety standards must be certified regularly, at least at the intervals required by local legislation. In 2013, a total of 36 facilities (2012: 32), 14 of them in Germany (2012: 14), were audited in the course of HSE compliance checks.

It goes without saying that safety and environmental aspects also play an important role in our acquisition projects. Before making any acquisition, we carry out technical due diligence tests alongside the economic appraisals. Gap analyses are performed by LANXESS soon after the takeover of a production site. These are used to identify any differences between the management system already in place at the site and LANXESS’s own system. The results serve as the basis for drawing up action plans to implement LANXESS’s binding global HSE standards at these locations. In 2013, we performed a gap analysis for our site at Epierre, France.