Promoting art and culture

As part of our cultural commitment, we have been the main partner to lit.COLOGNE, Europe’s biggest literature festival in Cologne, since 2010. In 2013, we inaugurated its sister event named phil.COLOGNE, a top-class international philosophy festival. We supported Germany Year 2013/2014 in Brazil with the international literature festival (FLIP) in Paraty, a cultural event that drew literary greats such as Michel Houllebecq, Marina de Mello e Souza and Gilberto Gil, Brazil’s former Culture Minister.

A further focus of our cultural commitment is the fostering of young musical talent. As part of the Young Euro Classic initiative, we now support five orchestras which bring together the greatest talents from Germany and LANXESS’s main markets around the world, giving them the opportunity to showcase their ability during concert tours and prestigious events. In May 2013, the Young Euro Classic Orchestra Brazil-Germany premiered at the event which officially opened Germany Year in Brazil. We also found a renowned local partner in South Africa – the not-for-profit organization MIAGI (Music Is A Great Investment). In 2013, we supported MIAGI in establishing the New Skool Orchestra, a multicultural group of highly talented young classical and jazz musicians and composers.

Alongside our Young Euro Classic activities, we support a number of other projects dedicated to the musical training of young people. Our LANXESS SNYO Classic cultural initiative is sponsoring an exchange and mentoring program for the Singapore National Youth Orchestra, initially until 2015. Also until 2015, we will be supporting the Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy (OICMA) in Japan, enabling talented young musicians from across Asia to receive a top-quality musical education. Since 2012, we have been a partner to the “Kölner Philharmonie,” one of Europe’s premier cultural institutions. In addition to the “Acht Brücken” (Eight Bridges) contemporary music festival, we support many other activities at this venue, including a discounted concert subscription for students.