In fiscal 2013, a large number of analysts again issued reports on the current and future performance of the LANXESS Group. Around 30 sell-side analysts, most of them from Germany and the United Kingdom, regularly issued their appraisals of LANXESS. In light of the challenges in the 2013 fiscal year, focal points of the dialogue with analysts were the market situation for our businesses – especially our synthetic rubber business in the Performance Polymers segment – and our Advance program of measures to increase our competitiveness. Shortly before the closing date for preparing our consolidated financial statements on January 31, 2014, the central topic was the change of leadership in the LANXESS Board of Management.

As of January 31, 2014, a majority of the analysts – 50% (2012: 46%) – continued to recommend buying LANXESS shares. A further 32% (2012: 36%) said to hold our shares, while 18% (unchanged from 2012) gave a sell recommendation.

Recommendations as of January 31, 2014